Noise Vibration Control VHSP

Vibration Isolation Hangers – VHSP Series

    • VHSP Vibration isolation hangers consist of free-standing, large diameter, laterally stabile steel springs in series with an elastomer-in-shear insert, assembled into a stamped or welded hanger bracket.


    •  Hangers incorporate a high deflection, color coded spring element with load transfer plate and a 0.4” deflection elastomeric isolator complete with load transfer plate.


    •  To assure stability, the spring element has lateral spring stiffness greater than 0.8 times the rated vertical stiffness and is designed to provide a minimum or 50% overload capacity. Hangers will allow a support rod misalignment through a 30° arc without short circuiting. Isolation brackets will carry a 500% overload without failure. Hangers are available in deflections from 0.84” to 2.28”, and in capacities from 35 to 2,950 lbs.


    •  Model VHSP hangers are superior to hanger which incorporate a spring only, which will transmit noise through the all metal construction, and hangers which incorporate noise stop pads only, which will transmit low frequency vibration that a spring can isolate.


  •  The VHSP combination hangers are recommended for the isolation of vibration produced by suspended mechanical equipment, low speed suspended fans, transformers, ductwork, piping, etc.


Product category : Noise Vibration Control