VPD Series

        • Wall or Window Ventilating Fans — VPD Series

        Functions and Features

        • Discharges smoke and dirty air from a room, and draws in fresh air to provide more oxygen.

        • Removes efficiently dust and soot which could settle on walls and furniture.

        • Quickly removes humidity from the bathroom, thus preventing corrosion of the building.

        • Quickly removes bad odors which tend to linger in the kitchen and toilet.

        • Removes stale unpleasant hot air and replaces it with cool air from outside, thus helping to maintain a pleasant indoor environment.

        VPD series offer the following advantages to the unit manufacturer:

        • The VPD Series incorporate from super-quality ABS engineering plastics.

        • Five Blades configuration creates larger air volume than the normal six-blades design.

        •High-precision balanced electric motor made of high-performance materials ensures low noise, low power consumption and long operation life.

        Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan — VPD M Series

        • Description

        • The VPD M series range of exhaust propeller fans consists of four nominal diameters : 250, 300, 350            and 400 mm respectively.

        • Air volume performance ranges from 900 up to 3.360 m3/hr.

        • Air volume performance ranges from 900 up to 3.360 m3/hr. The VPD series are designed to be installed directly into walls, ceiling or panels and are suitable for use within a wide range of residential and commercial ventilation applications, such as:

            • Shops, offices, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

            • Warehouse premises and Garages.

• This VPD M series incorporate three blades impeller manufactured from galvanized sheet steel and finished with an epoxy-polyester paint finish. The impellers are factory matched and balanced onto the corresponding motors.