BELT DRIVE CENTRIFUGAL FANS(VFD series)VFD series are double inlet centrifugal fan with forward curved blades. These are suitable for supply or exhaust application in industrial and commercial buildings.
These series are available in eighteen (18) standard nominal diameters from 200 up to 1400mm.

• Constructions

Impeller, The impeller has forward curved blades manufactured from high quality galvanized sheet steel. All impeller are statically and dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 standards. Casing, For all sizes except 1400, the casing is manufactured from high quality galvanized sheet steel with the casing fixed to the side plates in lock form system. For size 1400, the casing is manufactured from mild steel finished with polyester paint coating.

• Motor Selection

The following safety margin should be added to the power requirements at the fan shaft as shown by the performance curves.
The safety margin is to compensate for transmission losses of the V-belt drive and for possible minor inaccuracies in the calculation of the system resistance.

               Pm= Pw+Sm

   PM   : Motor Rating [kW]

   PW  : Absorbed Power [kW]

   SM  : Safety Margin[%]

         - upto 10 kW = 20%

         - Over 10 kW = 12%