VFSP Series

        • Free Standing Spring Vibration Isolators — VFSP Series

        • VFSP spring vibration isolators consist of high deflection, free standing, unhoused, large diameter, laterally stabile steel springs assembled into an upper load plate and leveling assembly, and into a lower load plate and noise isolation pad assembly. To assure stability, the spring isolators have lateral spring stiffness greater than 0.8 times the rated vertical stiffness and are designed to provide a minimum of 50% overload capacity.

        • In light capacities, VFSP Spring Isolators have molded neoprene bottom load plate assemblies. In heavy capacities, springs are welded to the load plate assemblies and are furnished with a neoprene noise isolation pad.

        • VFSP isolators have provision for bolting the isolator to the structure. VFSP Spring are available with deflection from 0.71" to 2.00" and with load capacities from 35 to 13,000 lbs.

        •VFSP Spring Isolators are highly effective for control of both high and low frequency vibration produced by reciprocating air or refrigeration compressors, pumps, packaged air handling and air conditioning equipment, centrifugal and axial fans, internal combustion engines, etc.

        Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan — VPD M Series

        • Description

        • VHSP Vibration isolation hangers consist of free-standing, large diameter, laterally stabile steel springs in series with an elastomer-in-shear insert, assembled into a stamped or welded hanger bracket.

        • Hangers incorporate a high deflection, color coded spring element with load transfer plate and a 0.4" deflection elastomeric isolator complete with load transfer plate.

        •To assure stability, the spring element has lateral spring stiffness greater than 0.8 times the rated vertical stiffness and is designed to provide a minimum or 50% overload capacity. Hangers will allow a support rod misalignment through a 30° arc without short circuiting. Isolation brackets will carry a 500% overload without failure. Hangers are available in deflections from 0.84" to 2.28", and in capacities from 35 to 2,950 lbs. Model VHSP hangers are superior to hanger which incorporate a spring only, which will transmit noise through the all metal construction, and hangers which incorporate noise stop pads only, which will transmit low frequency vibration that a spring can isolate.

            • The VHSP combination hangers are recommended for the isolation of vibration produced by suspended mechanical equipment, low speed suspended fans, transformers, ductwork, piping, etc.

        Rectangular Attenuator — VRA Series

        • Description

        • The VRA series are rigidly constructed and consist of a galvanized sheet metal casing containing a series of centre and side splitters. End flanges are not drilled as standard unless ordered with matching flanges. The splitters are filled with non-hygroscopic and incombustible material.

        • This material is covered with a gauze and then further covered with galvanized perforated sheet metal. Melinex lining of the acoustic infill can be provide to prevent the ingress of moisture or grease. Melinex lining can cause a slight drop in performance in the higher frequencies.

        •Standard attenuator are suitable for duct pressures up to 1kPa.

        Open Type Circular Attenuator — VCA-S/VCA-L Series

        • Description

        • These series are rigidly constructed and consist of an outer cylindrical galvanized steel casing, lined internally with non-hygroscopic and incombustible sound-absorbent material. This material is retained by an inner perforated metal cylinder.

        • When a pod is fitted, it is of perforated metal, retaining an infill of acoustic material.


        •Melinex lining of the acoustic infill can be provided to prevent the ingress of moisture or grease. There is a small performance penalty in higher frequencies with this.

        • The ends of the silencers are drilled and tapped to match the VANCO axial flow fans. Non-standard flange drillings or sizes can be supplied to the customer's specifications.