VAD Series

        •These series are direct- drive axial fans flow fans

        • Available in sizes 315 up to 2000mm

        •The complete adjustment of blade pitch angle provides precise selection of pressure and air flow. All impeller           are dynamically balanced to ISO-90001 to ensure vibration free running.

        • Designed for installation in a ducted ventilation such as General ventilation of commercial and industrial sites,            warehouse and storage ventilation, car parks and public buildings.

        VADT Series

        •These series are galvanized-case and high temperature axial flow fans

        •Available in size 315 up to 1600mm

        •The casing are manufactured from high grade hot dipped galvanized steel and the impellers are manufactured           from high grade aluminum injection molded.

        • VADTH series are using class H insulation induction motors that rated at 2000C/2h

        • Designed to extract high temperature air or smoke.

          VAP Series

         •These Series are belt-drive axial flow fans

         • Available in sizes 315 up to 2000mm

         • The casing are manufactured from high grade rolled and fanged sheet steel with semi enveloping top(open            1800, for 315 up to 800mm)

        • Suitable for many special industrial application such as paint cabin extract ventilation and extract of hot gases up to           1500C (and extract of corrosive / harmful gases- please enquire).

        VAB Series

        • These series are bifurcated axial flow fans

        • Available in sizes 400 up to 1400mm (See characteristics

        • The fan casing is formed from rolled sheet steel with rolled duct connection flanges.

        • The motor is isolated from the air stream in a tunnel between the split fan casing

        • Designed to be installed within ducted ventilation system such as commercial dryer and kitchen cooker canopy            ventilation , or where the extract of gasses.


VAM Series

        •These series are marine axial flow fans

        • Available in sizes 315 up to 1250mm

        • Water-tight dampers are build to comply to marine classification codes.

        • These fans are easy install and require low maintenance .

        • Designed for supply or exhaust duty, these deck units are of robust construction, made to withstand the marine            environment.

               VPA Series

        • These series are man cooler axial flow fans

        • Available in sizes 315 up to 800mm

        • The casing is protected with a black polyester paint coating and the fan assembly is supported by a robust welded              tubular steel stand.

        • Suitable for ventilation and cooling of the work place office etc; point cooling of motors, compressors or electrical                 machines and part paint or oven drying applications.

               VPA S Series

        • Suitable for many commercial and industrial application including :

        • ventilation and cooling of the work place office etc; Point cooling of motors, compressors or electrical machines and           Part paint or oven drying applications.

        • The casing is protected with a Green polyester paint coating.

        • The fan assembly is supported by a robust welded tubular steel stand.

               AXIAL MIXED FLOW FANS-VMX Series

        • The VMX series features characteristic advantages of both the axial and the centrifugal type fan. These unique            mixed flow fans, with aerodynamically designed impeller and vane system, lead air through the impeller in both the             axial and the radial directions,developing the desired pressure characteristics similar to centrifugal fans but with             an axial air path suitable for straight - through installation.

        • The VMX series has the size advantage over comparable tube-axial, making the VMX series the ideal choice for            energy-conscious commercial and industrial applications requiring high airflow volume, moderate pressure            capacity,high efficiency, low noise, and compactness where installation space is a limiting criterion.

        • Application:

• General ventilation and smoke extraction in various commercial and industrial applications, where moderate pressure, high efficiency, and high    airflow volume with quiet operation are required. Typical applications include commercial buildings, hospitals & museums, schools &    libraries,theatres & auditoriums, factories & processes,

               AXIAL JET FANS- VTA Series

        • The VTA Series ranges of axial fans with ductiess installation. It is mainly used in parking basement where it            provides simple ductiess installation thus reducing the cost needed for ducting and installation of convetional axial            fans. Compared to ductwork systems, this may save parking spaces, reduce running costs and noise, making the            car park lighter, less cluttered environment, it can also be used in industrial factories, warehouses and other places            where supplying and maintaining constant air circulation around the area is needed

        • Its slimline design provides a more asthetic outer casing and is the go to products for majority of projects. The unit            comprises of a ducted fan with cylindrical silencers.

        • These silencers are manufactured of galvanized sheet steel incorporate a belimouth and a guard as standard at            both the inlet and the outlet of the unit. The casing of the fan are made of mild steel, powder coating, flanged at            both ends of the fan. The impeller is made of allumunium.

        • All VTA series incorporate asynchronous induction motor, Insulation Class F, IP 54, either rated at Single Phase 230V, 50 Hz of three phase 380V, 50Hz.

        • High temperature(Class H) requirements at 200'/2hrs is available on request

               VAG Series

        Axial Guide Fans

        • Ranges of axial guide fans fitted with high efficiency mixed flow wheel are available in many different types.           Wide design impellers to ensure the highest efficient airflow performance.These direct-drive guide fans are           manufactured from heavy gauge sheet steel with aerodynamic hub, thus increasing the performance of the           fans. With streamlined inlet tube and straightening vanes mounted within the fan casing to reduce the                   turbulent flow and omprove aerodynamic performance.

        • The motor is directly coupled to the impeller which is dynamically balanced,providing vibration free opration.

        • All electric motors are IP 55, Class F Insulation,with ball bearings and Thermal Protection.Available in Single Phase 230V-50Hz in 4 & 6 poles.

• All types provided with junction box (as standard) to lead the wire out of the fan.

               VEP Series

        • Wall Mounted Axial Flow Fan

        • Designed to be installed directly into walls, ceiling or panels and are suitable for use within a wide range of            residential, commercial and industrial ventilation applications, such as shops, offices, cafes, bars, warehouse            residentialpremises and garages, and the OEM equipment application.

        • Consists of seven nominal diameters : 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630mm respectively, available with single or            three phase motors in 4, 6 and 8 poles.

        • The impeller manufactured from high grade injection moulded aluminium.The impeller are factory matched and            balanced onto the corresponding motors.

• All models incorporate asynchronous induction motors with squirrel cage rotor in die cas aluminium. Single Phase 220V/50Hz and Three Phase   380V/50Hz with IP55 protection and Class F insulation.