The VEBD Series cabinet centrifugal
fan with separate motor cabin is designed
for smokespill, kitchen exhaust or other
applications where the drive system mus
be outside the air stream.
• Incorporated with a belt driven, high
efficiency, low noise level, double inlet
forward (VEBD-F) or backward (VEBD-B)
impeller. Cabinet is manufactured in gal-vanized sheet steel.
• Complete with inlet & outlet flange as standard..
• Penta post construction with Alumunium corner piece, Column and reinforced galva-nized sheet panel.
• Acoustic lining is available upon request
• Standard acoustic lining employs galvanized sheet facing. Perforated sheet facing is
available upon request.
• Motor should be selected to handle air at ambient temperature based on specified
air volume & pressure. This is to allow periodic testing of fan.